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28 Apr

So, my posting here is really irregular, because it’s a pretty big investment of time and energy to write the sort of serious posts I’ve been trying to write. I decided to supplement the main blog with a Tumblr, where I can feel more free to post the day-to-day stuff that isn’t worth a full post here. All of my longer, more substantive pieces will still go up here.

Come follow me!

(If you are on Tumblr, or just know any cool people I should follow, hook me up!)


Apologies for the Inconsistency

19 Mar

Writing a blog and going to the U of C are not incredibly compatible. I’m on break this week, so hopefully I’ll get a few posts up soon. In the mean time, this roundup of recent posts on asexuality has a ton of great links, which are relevant for anyone who reads my blog. I’ll probably be responding to some of them directly, but basically all of them are worth reading.

Hey, what’s this thing do?

3 Jan

Oh look, a blog!

My plan is to use this blog as a platform for my musings about relationships, sexuality, poly, kink, and related things. This’ll be a sex-positive, feminist, and queer-friendly space, and topics relating to those issues will probably get some attention as well.

The main topic at first will be the theoretical and practical intersections of polyamory and asexuality. We’ll see where things go from there!